Saturday, November 05, 2005

A trip to Vasai

Taking advantage of a free-day, I decided to do some exploring around Mumbai.

Vasai (or Bassein) is a coastal area adjoining the sea on the North of Mumbai. Vasai Road is two stops before Virar, on the Western line. An auto ride takes you to Vasai village, in which the Vasai fort is located. The fort is vast, covered with foliage and has a beautiful view of the sea but is dilapidated and poorly maintained. The auto fella, a guy by the name Ramu, warned me against wandering inside unless I was in a couple ;-) - so I chose not to stray far.

The Suruchi beach near the fort is pristine and beautiful. Almost undisturbed by visitors, unlike most beaches I've been to, its really great to stand in the crystal clear water and frolic around :D

The area has a very sea-side village feel, it reminded me of Pondicherry and Goa. A nice area to go on a day's picnic. Ramu says there are better beaches further up north, closer to Virar, must go someday...
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