Tuesday, July 29, 2003

This post my sound to be a bit of rambling akin to philosophy, but that's what I intend it to be. One of the most valuable learnings that I've got is abt. the character of the internet per se. The internet is not the what most of us enthusiasts think it out to be - a medium of free speech and expression, a medium that ensures and encourages anonymity. As i've found out, sometimes quite to my disadvantage, that with the explosive growth of this medium and the enormous search algos. that are being developed to mine this huge piece of knowledge that we call the web, anonymity is no longer what it is used to be. It is slowly, but distinctly, changing into a medium of propah. speech :). But what people should realize is, behind every piece of crap that we upload into this medium, lies a thought process, and behind that thought process lies an intention. And that intention is what determines the meaning of our writing. Much of what we blog are comments, passed through a perceptual filter (as our OB classes so nicely tell us :)), the filter varying contextually from time to time. And hence when we read blogs, what is necessary is an understanding of the fact that much of one's blogging is from thoughts that are temporal. Everything is impermanence