Tuesday, April 26, 2005

boredom et absolutem

the most boring of times, this pre-job holidays are... absolutely nothing to do (i guess sidin and sudheer seem to concur). The only worthwhile thing on tv seems to be the travel and living channel of discovery, have seen half the world on it :P. Chennai is sweltry hot. Had been down south-TN a couple of days back, the bus stands of TN are terrible - dirty and dusty, but the buses rock - saw quite a few films :D

Friday, April 01, 2005

Amongst other things ...

Sun's blogging policy: Sun Policy on Public Discourse.

In other things, I'm dismantling my comp in a few minutes from now... XLRI convocation is on the 3rd of April, evening 5.30 pm. Will be heading home soon after that. Adieu XL.

Some very nice blogs I came across: Kiruba - dunno why I didn't come across this blog before ! considering its been named the best Indiblog. IndianMyths - Indian myths rehashed - God-level hilarious :D.

Some very good movies watched recently: North by Northwest - awesome Hitchcock thriller, 10 things i hate about you - nice movie, particularly the letters-to-cleo performance, Vanilla Sky - damn deep movie, Robots - nice movie, particularly for those who enjoy animated movies, Ray - an absolute epic.

Sikkim Diary

Dani's posted a nice writeup on our trip to Gangtok with the awesome pics.