Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Quantum Finance

Quantum Finance : Positively hilarious !

Sample this:

"In reality the true elements of money can never be seen, but only traced by their effects or symbols.

You can never know both the ownership of an asset and its value. (If you know who owns it then you do not know its value. You only know its value at the time of sale, i.e. when it is between owners).

People often ask what happens when something falls into a Black Schole, and the answer depends on the relative position of the observer.

Schrodinger, as well as having a cat, (either dead or alive), also had a bank account, about which he was equally uncertain. The reason is that a Bank is nothing more than a financial probability wave, and he could only know that his money was safe when he asked for it back."

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wii will wii will rock you !

Nintendo Wii

Started playing the Wii a couple of days back. The wireless remote is just awesome - it’s a dream to hold a wireless remote with force-feedback and in-built speakers! Particularly when you fight those aliens in Zelda with sword & shield or when you play tennis - the force feedback and sound add an unbelievable effect. The gaming set looks cool too - something like an iMac.

However, downsides do exist - the predominantly Japanese game-play seems slightly out of place and graphics don't quite reach the level of the xbox/ps comparables. Frequently gaming also results in slight hand-pain, as one tends to use the remote more vigorously than with the wired consoles.