Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Elephantine explorations

TriMurthi Elephanta Caves
The Elephanta caves lie on an island close to the Mumbai harbor. Very similar to the Ajanta and the Ellora, the caves are cut into a hill; needing a slightly exhausting climb to reach. The lengthy jetty overlooks the Trombay Power station and winds like a snake into the sea. The caves are magnificent, but most statues are in a worser state than those at Ellora. The hill which hosts the caves is called the canon hill - due to the huge canon at the top, a relic I believe, of the British era. The climb to the top provides a breathtaking view of the entire jetty and the harbor area around.

A trip to the island takes an hour from the Gateway by boat one-way, so budget at least 4 hours for a visit. The ferry ride takes you all the way across the harbor and affords stunning sights of the setting sun at dusk.
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