Monday, November 21, 2005

The beaches of Alibaug-Kihim

I took a nice trip this weekend to Alibaug and nearby areas. Alibaug is a dusty, typical Maharastrian village-town. The beach is nothing great (Chowpatty is much better) and sadly dirty. However, it has a great fort a little into the sea and some impressive scenery. Kihim, which is on the way to Alibaug, is much more beautiful and pristine. It also has the calmest sea waters I've seen. The sea-bed is flat till quite a distance, and hence its possible to wade a lot in. Coconut and palm trees line the coastline and the houses look distinctly kerala-like. Overall, its a great place to spend a weekend from Mumbai. The ferry trip to/fro the Gateway and Mandwa is absolutely awesome - particularly at dusk. There is a great breeze, sailboats everywhere, huge ships on the horizon and the view of sunset is breathtaking.

To get there: The ferry from Gateway takes an hour and a half to reach Mandwa Jetty and costs 60 bucks. A half-an-hour bus ride from Mandwa (which comes with the ferry ticket) takes you to Alibaug. However, to get to Kihim, get down the bus at Chondi (on the way from Mandwa) and take a 10 minute rickshaw to the Beach.

More photos here
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