Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The day Mumbai stood still

… Quite a melodramatic title eh :P. But I guess it takes a heavy rain to stop Mumbai. And stop, it definitely did. People who left at 3pm yesterday haven't yet reached home - stuck in traffic! North Mumbai seems to be flooded with Powai lake overflowing - areas with waist-deep water in most places I hear. People are stuck all over the place - many putting up in banks, temples and hotels (good samaritans do exist eh). Trains down. Most people stayed back in office in South Mumbai here and haven't found a way of getting back yet. Mobile phone networks are functioning erratically. The Net seems to functioning terribly slowly (wasn't it designed to withstand a nuclear attack? wonder what service levels it would work at then :P). Only good thing seems to be tarana and glen on fm 92.5 coming day-long :D
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