Saturday, December 13, 2003

Well - i'm back again. Not going home this time for holidays since its only for 4 days. My exams got over 3 days back. Tomorrow is the last day of my holidays.

Yesterday we went to treking at Dalma Hills. We started off sometime around 7.30 am - a group a 13 guys (lucky no. eh!) - actually 11 guys and 2 gals - in 3 autos. We had some sandwiches and tea at dadu's before leaving since nothing is available on the route. We reached the hills base around 8.15. The climb was great and real steep. Dalma is covered in lush greenery. By far the most interesting part of the trek was in the start, when we had to cross a (kinda) deep stream over which a thin walking path of a bridge had been built. When we got across we found ourselves lost since our guide - srichu bhai suddenly couldn't find out the path to go ahead. Enquiring with a few locals, we were back on the right trail to the top. The climb to the top was exhilarating, and tiring too. We made nothing less than 15-20 pitstops. Lucky that I had my (read: karthik's) digicam around - hence took quite a few good snaps. At the top is a SE railway transmitter station (though according to me it looked shady enough to be an undercover outfit :P). With that is a tata guest house - all it is a house - nothing more - guys in there don't offer anything to tired visitors such as us - seems we have to bring everything along and eat it :-(.

At the extreme top is a beautiful shiv and hanuman temple. We spent quite a bit of time resting our tired bones - only to be entertained by a live hanuman rummanging through our food. Quite an intelligent (and hungry) creature - it first tried to survey us by walking around the boundary wall built there - then was confronted by shashank and had to give up :-)).
It left, not before rummaging through our bags - scaring the girls and tearing apart a new water bottle -drinking the water and eating up some chips we had kept hidden for eating.

Having had enough of such monkey business, we then decided to head down. Here again, our srichu bhai showed his commn. skills - prof. j should be proud of him - he got us tea - it was just brown sweet water, no milk - but atleast something for our hungry stomachs.
On the way down we had quite a few adventures - including neel and sonia sojourn up a rock :D - they came down on only sheshank's orders :D.

The path down was more tiring than the climb up since our toes were getting smashed by the jutting rock. Nevertheless we climbed down in less than two hours while the climb up took close to three. The only thing that made us climb untiringly for so long is jayan bhai's 'just 15 mins' entreat - he should be sent to work for a maggi commercial, he'll do pretty well :-).

Back again - we went to this disgusting place called Shaurya Inn in sakchi - for guys coming to jampot this is one lesson - never go anywhere near the damn place - the food was real bad - their charges atrocious - and a hell for veggies like me - they charged me over 200 bucks for drinking 3 glasses of water - for that's all i could - all else was spoilt :-(.

Back to XL, i slept till dinner time, had dinner and then saw the film boys - didn't have the effect of watching it in the theatre - 3 months back in Chennai - but atleast it was something - awesome movie - worth watching - just for the songs and the freshness :).

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