Saturday, September 14, 2013

Interesting things about Norway

1. Its expensive ! A half litre water bottle costs the equivalent of $10.

2. There are almost no English newspapers, but people speak English everywhere .

3. Architecture and design have a huge presence. Some of Oslo's new buildings are quite funky.

4. Doors have no consistent opening style. Some open inwards, some outwards, and some automatically so. One can never tell till one is nearby though.

5. People are quite humble in general. Jante's law is culturally valued. Though people can get quite aggressive in meetings.

6. There are surprisingly few Asians around. The least I have seen in any country so far.

7. People don't seem to greet strangers or make eye contact normally. Very different from the US.

8. People are very physically active. Everyone is jogging, cycling or hiking around.

9. Most taxis in Oslo are Mercs. Beats Singapore in their number.

10. None of the big hotel chains - The Hilton's, Sheraton's or Marriott's have a visible presence here. But there are quite a few good Nordic ones - Thon, Nordic choice, Scandic.
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