Saturday, September 14, 2013

From Oslo to Bergen - a travelogue.

This is the travelogue of a journey from Oslo to Bergen. Supposedly one of the more beautiful train routes in Europe.

September 14 2013.

8.05 hrs - Start: Trains look like the Shatabdi trains back home, from the outside. Push a little green button to open doors. First stop is Lysaker. 

Had brought a heavy jacket, but the train seems to have controlled air conditioning. Neat 15 degrees.

Train seems to be running underground quite a bit, as it leaves Oslo. But hoping to see the scenery ahead too. If you order the ticket online, the ticket inspector delivers the ticket at your seat. Nice service must say.

Tickets seem to vary a lot in price. I paid 400 NOK but the lady nearby seems to have only paid 250. Hmm.

They seem to have a cafeteria on board with a good selection of hot and cold drinks and food. Also have beer and wine it seems.

Quite a few interesting people on the train. Retired lady from London on vacation, Disney comic book writer, Canadian origin students from Madrid, a music band performing in Bergen.

8.54: Has started raining. Dark coniferous forests around. Beautiful lakes too.

9.35: The train tracks here are banked at curves. Which means that the train tilts around quite a bit - can't walk around as easily as in India. 

The cafeteria was pretty neat. Got a hot chocolate. Bit pricey, but has enough food. Miles of farmland around. Pretty wooden houses and boats.

10.45: Pretty Swiss-like village on the banks of a lake. Beneath conifer covered mountains.

11.30: After Al. Climbing the mountains. Fog cover is heavy. 10 degrees. 

12.15: Finse station. Lake beneath a snow covered peak. Raining. 7 degrees.

Ears being pressurized like in flight. Train emerges out of a long tunnel through the mountains. 6 degrees.

12.40: Myrdal. Where people get down to change for the flam rail route, for the Norway in a nutshell route. Raining.

Trains are very quiet here. Rarely do you hear the click-clock of train track changes that you hear in India.
A large time of this journey is covered in tunnels underground.

2.45pm: Train reaches Bergen.
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