Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Millennial generation: Not just corporate careers has an interesting article: Escape from Corporate America highlighting the changing priorities of the so-called "Millennial generation" - people in the workforce born after 1980.

Six-figure jobs on Wall Street and elsewhere just aren’t enough for “Millennial” workers, who want their work to have “meaning” too.

...“Stock picking, in a lot of ways, was extremely gratifying, but had its drawbacks. What did we really change in the world, or what did we really contribute?”

Unlike their parents, experts say, this generation is less likely to become “corporate slaves” focused on earning a paycheck and achieving middle-class status.

“I don’t think they loathe their jobs. I think they loathe the demands the job puts on them.” A 2004 Northwestern Mutual survey of 1,700 recent college grads found that 73 percent said how they spend their time on the job is more important than how much money they make, while 70 percent said money is not the best measure of success.

Ah, the quest for fulfillment...
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