Wednesday, November 07, 2007

'Twas a million twinkling lights

… that told me I was landing home on a Deepavali night. Courtesy of plans that changed at the last minute … how is one to know that Chennai celebrates Diwali one / two nights before Delhi does? Lucky though, I was, that I could at least make it home. Unlike forlorn brethren who slog away into the night, unable to dash to the tam land.

What is it about this land that steals the heart, I wonder… I always feel this sense of utmost joy when I come back here after a long absence. The eager (yet fleecing) auto-drivers who clamor as you land… the first sounds of tam fm… the old songs on radio… the chennai coffee … ah, this is bliss!

Just enjoying this moment. Thought I must record it for posterity.
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