Monday, March 21, 2005

Life at 13600 ft

What is the probability you'll meet an xler at 13,600 ft in an cottage up the snow covered hills ? Very high it seems !

Our trip to Gangtok the last 10 days was an experience to treasure - can never forget the snow covered yumthang valley, the freezing waters across which we ran barefoot :P, the yaks, the frozen changu lake, eating hot pakodas at sub-zero temperatures near the baba's mandir, the uti atm at 13200 ft, the picturesque mountains, the monastries, river rafting in the tista across the rapids, swimming in the freezing water.... and of course, running into the other xl group in a god-forsaken cottage up a frozen lake !

Gangtok is a beautiful place, an absolute paradise on earth.
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