Monday, March 28, 2005

Ajax: The secret behind google's user-interface ease

Ajax or Asynchronous Javascript+XML is an emerging way of web application development. Used by Google Suggest, Google Maps, Gmail and a lot of recent and upcoming google applications, Ajax represents the next generation of web application models which emphasize ease of use rather than possible computational complexity. Ajax is actually a very simple change in the way web development occurs - instead of sending data back to the server with every user interface event, Ajax loads a javascript engine with the browser webpage with handles most simple user queries and events; only when the engine is unable to process the request does it contact the server. This way it speeds up user interactivity enormously. The beauty in the model is the paradigm shift in the thinking involved in web application development; developers can now program interactive content on the web browser while flexibly retaining complex elements at the server or pre-computing before a likely user event.

For more info: Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications
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