Sunday, May 23, 2004

On foreigner origins

There's been so much talk about being ruled by a foreigner, that I think I should put in my opinion too. Personally, I feel that a person's place of birth or background should have no bearing on his capability - what does it matter where I am born, how good I am is all that matters. And now that she's been in India for so long, I don't know what makes her a 'foreigner'. Come to think of it - the issue raises some interesting questions - I for one, have now been outside my home state - Tamilnadu - for half my life now - am I a tamil or not ? I really do not know - in fact something that strikes me when i interact with guys from my homestate - i hardly understand their lingo. Now tomorrow if I were to stand for election, could I do it in TN - after being so long away ? Am I a Tamil or not ? Tomorrow, just like our fathers' wandering jobs made us travel all over the country, our jobs might make the next generation wander all over the world - the Sonia Gandhi issue might just be the start to a cultural change. As our society evolves, it is also necessary that our viewpoints evolve to match the change.
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