Thursday, April 29, 2004

MS getting serious about Linux

Yaahoooo ! - atlast Linux seems to be shaking up the world - atleast the big brother - MS. Seems in an internal strategy memo sent on the 28th to all MS staff worldwide, Steve Ballmer has specifically cited out opensource and Linux as growing threats. Whoopie - what a change since the days when it was another tiny weenie OS - the saying by Mahatma Gandhi is true - that 'first they ignore us.....atlast we win' (:P) stuff - after years of ignoring it - it is coming into the league of the big boys :D

Linuxworld has some exerpts from it:

Noncommercial software products in general, and Linux in particular, present a competitive challenge for us and for our entire industry, and they require our concentrated focus and attention

In the event of needed enhancements or fixes, the Linux development community, no matter how well intentioned, simply cannot advance Linux the way we can - and must - innovate in Windows
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