Thursday, May 14, 2015

A dad's life

It has been some time since I wrote something on this blog. Life changes after you have a kid. So, this "comeback post" is about the first year of being a dad.

Short, I will keep it.

It is a miraculous experience. The process of giving birth. Not that the dad has much more to do than to be around the mom and ease her way. Emotionally though, intense it is.

I will always remember the 8-9 months before. The pleasant surprise when we heard the news. The excitement and trepidation after. The periodic visits to the doctor. The unforeseen complications. The worries in hospital. The worries at home. The scans - 2D, 3D,4D, unseen, seen, smiling. An emotional roller-coaster, indeed.

I will always remember the moment when we first saw her. When the doctor pulled her out kicking and screaming. When I cut the cord. When they weighed and dressed. The first night, when it rained and poured, and rained. When there were cries to soothe, yet little understood.

The first few months. So much new. So much to care. So much to learn. Ah so long nights. Ah so crazy days. Ah the seesawing feel.

The first flight trip. The first road trip. The first festival. A year of many firsts.

Today, as she walks a smattering walk, squeals a stray word, and flashes that endearing toothless smile, I reminisce over an incredible year gone by. 

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