Sunday, April 17, 2011

One reason digital trumps print

Last week, I bought my mom a book. Something she had been asking about, for quite some time.

Yet, when she got it, she put it down saying the print is too small. Reading too small a print gives her a headache, and she would rather skip it than chance pain.

Now this is one problem with reading books the print way. You cannot resize text, you cannot zoom in and out. The medium is just too static.

In contrast, digital media is way more flexible. Zooming and out is a breeze.

Recently, reading books online has become an addition. With Amazon's Whispersync, I keep track of read pages on multiple devices - my laptop and my phone. In addition, its made my reading non-linear. Now I book-mark pages and jump back and forth, something I found painful to do with books in print. For an avid reader like me, the digital media has been a quick hook-on.

What's interesting is that even the earlier generation may have reason to switch.
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