Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vegetable Pad Thai

Thailand is a beautiful country, so culturally similar to India, yet as economically developed as a lot of the west. And Bangkok is an impressive city - incredible flyovers, malls with wares from all over the world, gorgeous temples, a beautiful meandering river and smiling people all over. What's also nice is the harmonious mix of cultures and religions - the Thai, the Chinese, the Indian, the western, the Buddhist, the Hindu, the Muslim,... - in expressions all over the city. Most of the city is explorable on foot (with periodic hops onto the bts, the metro, the ferries and the tuk-tuks) particularly the old town which hosts the magnificent Wats.

So one day, I paraded into this crowded Thai diner, which specializes in sea food, and asked for a vegetable Pad Thai. Pure vegetarian, I emphasized. (Don't ask why, I have these streaks). The withering look I got from the waitress said it all. Then, in a typical Thai fashion, she laughed, and said something (which I later figured was mai-pen-rai or 'its ok' in Thai), and got me a bowl of tastiest noodles I've ever had. In memoriam, I title this post, the Vegetable Pad Thai.
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