Saturday, October 07, 2006

A tail of 2 cities

Bangalore: To realize how starkly different Bangalore is from Chennai, one only needs to land at its airport from Chennai - the change almost hits you at the face. Bangalore is so cool ! It feels like a villager landing up in a metropolitan disc.

Mangalore: An airstrip located on a plateau atop a hill with the runway terminating close to the edge, how awesome. Mangalore resembles Kerala very closely - its just greenery and greenery everywhere, with winding roads traversing the mountainous terrain. Went to a beach called Kapu, about 2 winding hours away (with a driver who thought he was driving formula-1) - it was late evening, well past sunset, but the moon was shining bright, the breeze was strong and the beach was awesome; a lighthouse on a nearby hillock shone out powerful beams to the distant glittering ships - a truly beautiful place.
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