Thursday, December 15, 2005


The Regal theatre at Colaba plays regional language movies on Sunday mornings. This weekend, it was the turn of the movie 'Aaru'. Its been quite some time since I've seen tamil movies now, so it was really nice to catch one. We ambled into the cinema hall a little late thinking that a tamil movie in Mumbai would be running to a small Tam audience - it was quite a surprise to find the whole hall crowded leaving us with front seats. The startup song and Surya's entrance had the whole hall hooting and whistling :P

Surya and Trisha make a nice pair and the songs by Devi Sri Prasad are good, particularly the startup one. The photography is impressive - shot very slickly in some scenes. The storyline has a nice momentum and keeps moving from one theme to another (or one song to another). If you can make do with the gore, the film is a pretty good one. I must, of course admit, that a big part of the enjoyable experience was due to the gala audience :D

(Review of the film by teakada: Aaru)
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