Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Two perspectives

... interesting way the IT industry works, the churn and the volatility creates lots of news.

Microsoft - people don't hesitate to jump on it and bash it up on the slightest excuse. Now, Kevin, who works at MS, rebuts allegations that it is past its prime with two posts - Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Microsoft and Enough Already. Interesting to see employees standing up for their company.

And Google - so much of praise in the past and what phenomenal growth expectations in the valuations of its stock; so much potential. And even so, the blogging community has started pointing at a slowly emerging 'dark side'. Dan Gillmor writes in "Google's Hubris, Unbounded": Google's growing arrogance is really something on Google planning to hold a partner forum for bloggers and journalists and prohibiting them from writing about it !

So when does a company really cross over? First IBM, then Microsoft; now Google. And does it really need to happen? should anyone who almost attains an almost commanding presence start to display traits of the dark side. Or is it that they just start getting reviled as the dark side?
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