Friday, August 12, 2005

A meet at the airport

This post is for iiitians... Well, I was stuck at Mumbai airport at the beginning of this month (when it had rained like hell here), on my way home. An AirIndia flight had skidded off the runway while I was waiting for takeoff of my flight and it was raining pretty badly with the result that we had to stay back at the airport for 4 hours. I met Prof. Kamal - he had just landed in from Amsterdam, back from a paper presentation. Said he'd been to Japan and quite a few of other places and said he seemed to be meeting iiit guys at every airport. Seems to have grown a lot more white-haired from what I remembered of him back at iiit. I've never seen a professor as excited with a subject as he was while he taught us data mining.

Have a nice long weekend ppl :D
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