Monday, January 17, 2005

Creating a boundaryless world

We have this course called "international business economics" taken by an alumni of ours - Sankaran P. Raghunathan (man - this prof is awesomely good). Quite a few interesting papers to read as part of that - one particular author, Kenichi Ohmae is really cool, almost porter level. As Indian companies starting becoming more global, there are very interesting lessons to learn from existing global corporations. For one, globalization is, in effect, about becoming more local - in the sense that the ultimate "nirvana" (as prof. sankaran likes to call it) is ultimately about becoming a "local" player in every geography that a company operates. Truly global corporations have become so much a part of the different countries in which they have "homes", that they almost behave like local companies. Secondly, there are three aspects to becoming "global" - the 3 O's - operations (having a global setup), orientation (thinking globally) and ownership (being owned by the ppl in the geographies they inhabit). Most existing global corporates have already gone through multiple stages as they progress towards the truly global "nirvana". Indian companies need to learn from this - instead of going through the whole painful process, it is essential that Indian corporates realize where they are headed and take steps accordingly - else they shall be needlessly re-creating history.
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