Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Dan Brown - An Alistair Maclean

Dan Brown is certainly a modern day Alistair Maclean (or a Desmond Bagley at the least), though much much more flamboyant. I've just finished reading his book "Deception Point" - it kept reminding me of those school days when I used to eat, sleep and breath Alistair Maclean - the same pace, the same interesting turn of events, the same sense of adventure and the same surprise at the final turn of events. The only difference seems to be that Dan Brown keeps choosing hotshots like the US Prez or the Pope in his settings and the heroes invariably turn out to be a couple who fall in love at the end, unlike the undercover spy and the lonely hero in AM. Anyway, he has still quite a career ahead of him and shows the same promise that makes immortal action writers and gives good grub for eager readers like me.
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