Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Deutsche Bank - a hedge fund run by an Indian ?

Found an interesting economist article: A giant hedge fund: says Deutsche is on its way to become a huge hedge fund - given its reducing focus on retail banking and very highly risk investments - infact says that the popular joke in Frankfurt now is that its actually run by an Indian bond junkie Anshu Jain (head of markets). Its VaR seems to have shot up in recent periods and it has also invested heavily in hedge funds - infact runs its own in-house hedge funds. Finally an interesting insinuation:

A ?passion to perform?, Deutsche Bank's current slogan, does not translate into much more than a passion to make money for its investment bankers. Two banks which previously lived by that motto barely survived: Bankers Trust, which made a practice of putting clients second, was forced by regulators to merge with Deutsche Bank in 1999; and CSFB, which carried on the tradition until a regime change in 2001.

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