Tuesday, June 15, 2004

On Pune

Thought I'd give a seperate entry for my views on Pune ...

Pune is a wonderful city - an amazing place to live - very green, clean roads, great places to hang out, nice multiplexes, good pubs - what more does one want from a city. I'm pretty impressed by this place. If you can just find a perfect house to stay - and one'll find many - you'll have quite a confortable existence. It aint as crowded as mumbai - but u'll find quite as many cars and rich people around. Food-wise, it is just THE place to be - the eateries serve everything from the best south-indian food to the best parathas (aalu, mooli, what not) i've had till date. You also get to buy books at the cheapest rates - the footpath book stores - particularly in the deccan area - make even footpaths great loitering places. On the overall - this place must surely be in the consideration set of any guy wanting to look at a place to live.
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