Friday, June 09, 2017

Good things come in threes

Ah, so the time has flown. It just seemed like yesterday that she was born. Or was it just yesterday that she turned one?

Three. It is hard to believe how fast time flies.

It has been a delight to see her grow, lost as we are in her smile. Started as it did, with a grin we caught in the X-rays. Then, a sly smile from within her covers. The shrill cry that turned the next moment into a wide smile of happiness. Now, a toothy gregarious laughter that keeps us enthralled. It has been a delight.

Last year, the worries were of her getting to a play school. Thankfully, she loved the one she joined. So much, that she missed it over the weekends. Did I ever miss any of my schools as much?

This year, the worries were of her joining a bigger one. Lucky as she is, a school that she likes has come by. Now we worry how she would take to this. I guess, this too shall pass.

A born traveler she is. Loves the planes. Loves the seas. Loves the cold. Loves the gardens. Loves the zoos.

Ah, the zoos. Bangalore's Bannerghatta. Mysore's impressive spread. Trivandrum's humid trail. Tirupati's drive in wonder. Chennai's Vandalur. Singapore's Zoos, Safaris and Bird parks. Berlin's Zoolischer Garten. Munich's Hellabrun. Innsbruck's Alpenzoo. Here is a zoo-logist in the making.

A non-stop chatterbox. With a vocabulary that has us impressed. Courtesy of Peppa Pig and Mickey.

Born digital. It is hard not to wonder when a small hand deftly scrolls touch screens. "YouTube!" she says, asking for her favorite videos. Wondering why TVs don't have touch screens yet.

Why? O' Why? It is the season of why's. Why do we see through our eyes? Why do we breath only through our nose? Why are leaves green? Time it is, to dust off our books to answer her.

A wonder it is, to see her grow. Time flies, but it is a wonder indeed, to see her grow.

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